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Viewing on mobile devices:
Viewing on mobile devices is possible and is to be considered bound only by the mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.) and its update. Some problems can be resolved / present itself according to the update of your device, because of HTML5 specifications are constantly changing by the institution itself and give the opportunity to each of "interpret it" the device as you like. This issue will terminate automatically as soon as the definition of HTML5 (the platform language with which TrackPosition6 developed) will be final.
Useful links:
We recommend these links for direct download from the official site of the last version of the browser Google Chrome (R) 

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   Mozilla Firefox (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10) - Download Link

Times of storage:
On the portal last 3 months of historical data are always available for each system; Older historical data may become available through the backup, but this availability, for privacy reasons, is intended for legal use. The request must be made to the site manager and is chargeable. To make this request, use the contact form after logging in.

Lingue supportate:
After login you can choose between the languages supported for navigating the site. The TrackPosition Team constantly works to improve the site and its translations, and also for add new languages on request. The languages are currently available: ITALIAN - ENGLISH - FRENCH - SPANISH. Parts of the site not yet translated will be in Italian or English.

Your opinion is very important for us. Receive feedback on existing features and suggestions on new features is one of the strengths of TrackPosition. Our staff read all the comments received, analyzes them and if your suggestion is found winner or shared by many others, brings the new capability development.

The TrackPosition6 Team is constantly developing new features to implement, and the consolidation and optimization of existing ones within the portal, thus TrackPosition is constantly updated. Usually the day of the platform update is on Tuesday morning. This update does not influence in any way on performance (indeed optimizes) the only disruption that end users may notice is the inability to access the site for a few minutes (time to update). At the end of the update, according to the web browser you may have to re-enter username and password.